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Adopt this Platypus.

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We're on Kindle & looking for Book Reviews -

and an Agent & Publisher

"Flight of the Platypus" - a story of self discovery, 

is up for adoption. 


George and I hatched this little character, and have raised it to the best of our abilities - but its time to leave the nest. 


In this book our character really discovered and accepted itself, and now it's out grown our humble self-published abode - and we're looking for a loving home for it where it can offer ever-more children its simple lesson of self acceptance in a high pressure world.  


So, if you're in the Platypus book adoption industry (an agent, publisher, or book critic/reviewer, or know someone who is) and would like to read the book for free in order to get know each other better for a possible adoption, please contact us.


We'll reply with a simple login password that allows you to log-on and read book for free right here at the site in its entirety, by just entering the password at the log in page.

We hope you enjoy the book and will support its beautiful journey as it takes flight.

Be well,


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