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"Flight of the Platypus" is the story of a young platypus who, more than anything wants to fly.  And no matter how much the other platypi shout "Platypi don't fly!" this little platypus is determined to achieve its dream - and does - only to find out that there's something even more important than being a high flyer: 

                                              just being who you are.

   Flight of the Platypus

- a story of self discovery

Click the image below to watch John read the book. 
                                     It's FREE!

John reads to students at the Canadian Maple International School in South Korea

(If you'd like John or George to visit your school when we're in your area Book a Reading.

Parents and Teachers:
"Flight of the Platypus" is a 32 page illustrated, rhyming picture book for young readers ages 5-9 years old. 
For even the youngest readers it's a great read-along book, as kids love to do the chorus ("Platypi don't fly!") together with you and the other children. 
The book challenges children to think creatively with a reader participation section that asks the children "How else did it fly?"
In circle talks after the reading, many children 8-9 years old are able to grasp and articulate for themselves the book's important message of self acceptance and simply "being myself" at a point in their lives where they are being challenged by their peers and culture to conform.  
To book a reading the next time we're in your area please contact us.

"I really don't know.  And I'd like to find out!  What this thing called 'me' is really about."

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